TiddlyWiki is a standalone wiki that is fully interactive and fully contained in a single HTML file. Here is a tip to add a favicon to your wiki.

To enable saving you have to give to the browser some special permissions allowing the JavaScript code to write to your disk. When using it with Microsoft Internet Explorer, the easy way to enable saving is to just rename your wiki as .hta to transform it into an "HTML Application", as Microsoft calls it.

But you can do better with HTML Applications than just decreasing the security level. I was particularly interested in a better integration with Windows. I wanted in particular to change the icon of the window that appears in the taskbar (I commonly have about 30-40 windows opened on my desktop). This is quite easy: you just have to add an <HTA:APPLICATION ICON="myfile.ico"> tag the <head> section of the HTML file.

Here is how to do it the TiddlyWiki way:

  1. Get an icon and save it as tiddlywiki.ico in the same directory as your wiki.hta file. For example: http://www.tiddlywiki.org/favicon.ico. You can also create you own icon here or here.
  2. Edit the built-in tiddler MarkupPreHead
  3. Insert the following text just after <!--{{{-->:
    <!--[if IE]>
    <HTA:APPLICATION ID="oHTA" APPLICATIONNAME="My wiki" ICON='tiddlywiki.ico'/>
    <link rel='shortcut icon' href='tiddlywiki.ico' type='image/vnd.microsoft.icon '/>
  4. Reload your wiki.hta. That's it!

I now have to explore how to convert this to a plugin...